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    Suggestions for Maintaining Your Health
    Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital

    1. Make an appointment for a preventive health examination as recommended. Report symptoms of concern early.

    2. Exercise aerobically for a minimum of 30 minutes seven days a week.

    3. Plan meals which are low in saturated fat and high in fiber with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

    4. Minimize risks involved in your sexual practices.

    5. Make your home and workplace a smoke-free environment.

    6. Practice home-safety measures for poisoning prevention and firearm safety. Regularly check your smoke detectors.

    7. Fasten your seat belt when driving, and wear a helmet when on a motorcycle or bicycle. All children under 12 should be properly secured in the back seat if possible.

    8. Seek help early for alcohol or drug abuse, depression or mood changes.

    9. Learn about and perform regular skin self-examinations. Protect your skin from sun damage with sunblock and clothing.

    10. Women should learn about and perform the breast self-examination monthly early in the menstrual cycle.

    11. Men should learn about and perform testicular self-examinations.

    12. Wellness includes balance between work, home and play.