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    Carlotta - Great Hospital, Always Ready to Help

    Carlotta -
    Carlotta - Great Hospital, Always Ready to Help

    Carlotta has experienced many painful health conditions. From needing an angioplasty and having breast cancer to her kidneys failing; she is no stranger to the hospital.

    More than three years ago, Carlotta had to begin dialysis for her kidney failure. First she received a fistula for dialysis treatment. After the fistula failed from not maturing properly, she underwent surgery and had a dialysis graft inserted into her right arm.

    This is where all her trouble began. Since her graft placement 3½ years ago, Carlotta has been in the hospital more than five times in 2009, alone. 

    “My graft has failed more times than I care to count,” she says.

    Her dialysis graft becomes clogged, which causes her discomfort and makes it impossible to continue her lifesaving dialysis treatment.

    “I get depressed when I know my graft is clogged,” she says. “I know I have to go have more surgery.”

    Carlotta now receives treatment at her favorite facility, Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital. She visits the hospital’s Cardiac Catheterization/Vascular Lab, where she is treated like family. 

    “I have been to the cath lab so many times, I believe I have had every single person on staff help me,” she says. “They always treat me wonderfully and are very attentive to how I feel. They make sure I am comfortable at all times, making sure I am warm, that my blood pressure cuff isn’t too tight, and that I have no pain in my arm.”

    Once in the cath lab, vascular surgeon Jung Lim, M.D., performs a minor surgery to unclog her graft. He then sutures her up so that she can heal properly at home.

    Carlotta’s nephrologist, Adarsh Bhat, M.D., theorizes that her graft frequently clogs due to her blood pressure dropping. To treat this condition, he has prescribed her a medicine to keep her blood pressure at optimum levels to help alleviate all the trips to the hospital. 

    “I am feeling much better now,” Carlotta says. “I am back to most of my normal activities and haven’t been back to Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital in some time.” 

    Although she is happy to not go back to the hospital, Carlotta still can’t stop expressing how pleased she is with her experiences there.

    “Bill Colditz, the Cath Lab manager, is always great, and Joann and Diane are terrific nurses,” she says. “Even the nurses in ambulatory are wonderful. The best thing about my care at the hospital is the staff’s great sense of humor. They always keep me laughing.”


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