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    Joe - Returns to Active Lifestyle

    Joe -
    Joe - Returns to Active Lifestyle

    Between working in construction for 30 years and living an active life-style which included hiking and motorcycle riding, Auburn resident, Joe’s hips were deteriorating more and more each day. Although Joe had a high tolerance for pain, he said his hips hurt every step he took and he knew he needed help.

    In 2008, Joe went through his first of two hip replacements at Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital. Both surgeries were performed by orthopedic specialist Jeffrey Bergeson, D.O., but the difference between the first and second surgery was night and day. After his first hip replacement surgery the hospital added surgical equipment in the operating room to enhance the hospital’s ability to provide state-of-the art orthopedic surgeries. Of these additions was the Hana Table, which allowed surgeons to perform newer anterior hip replacement procedures.

    In March 2010, Joe underwent anterior hip replacement and the surgery was less invasive, less painful and recovery was much faster. He only needed a cane for one day as opposed to three weeks with his first surgery. Since his surgeries Joe’s been back to most of his regular activities and says it’s because of the hip replacement surgery that he can enjoy life again.


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