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    David - As Luck - and a Good Treatment Plan - Would Have It

    David -
    David - As Luck - and a Good Treatment Plan - Would Have It

    It was just by chance that Elk Grove resident David Dolmseth learned about podiatrist Susan Ryan, DPM, and the Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital Wound Care Clinic. He had been suffering a diabetic ulcer on the bottom heel of his right foot for six months and the treatment he’d been getting had not been healing the wound. Physicians recommended amputating David’s foot.

    David jumped at the chance to have a consultation with Dr. Ryan. There she saw that he suffered from osteomyelitis, an infection of the bone that developed from the foot ulcer.  She recommended immediate surgery to remove the infected part of his bone, massive antibiotics to treat the infection, followed by stem cell therapy.  

    Dr. Ryan referred David to Edward Law, DPM, for surgery to remove his infected bone. David underwent two surgeries to remove the unhealthy bone. He also had a PICC line inserted to provide continuous antibiotic treatment. Dr. Ryan also referred David to the Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital Wound Care Clinic for weekly treatment and checks on his foot.

    She introduced stem cell treatment for David, which she performed at the Wound Care Clinic. These particular stem cells, called the mesenchymal stem cell (MSC), have been found to increase wound healing, when applied together with a biomaterial made from collagen, and inserted into the wound.

    In addition to the stem cell treatment, nurses at the Wound Care Clinic cleaned David’s wound and dressed and wrapped it for optimum healing. 

    “Dr. Ryan has made huge difference in my treatment,” said David.  “The wound has dramatically improved. Thanks to Dr. Ryan and the staff at the Wound Care Center, I’m optimistic my foot can be saved.”

    When David’s foot completely heals, he will use a specially ordered pair of shoes that will support his foot in a way that will not irritate the former injured area.  He also will continue to see Dr. Ryan for regular foot check-ups.

    For now, once a week, David drives from Elk Grove to Auburn to his weekly appointment at the Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital Wound Care Clinic. For David, it’s worth the drive.

    “I’ve had an amazing experience with Dr. Ryan and the nurses at the Wound Care Clinic,” said David. “It’s been the difference between night and day compared to the first treatment I was getting.  As far as I’m concerned Dr. Ryan and the Wound Care Clinic nurses walk on water.  Everyone has been fabulous.”


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