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    Outpatient Rehabilitation
    Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital (530) 889-6088

    Our neurological rehabilitation services include the following:

    • Occupational therapy
    • Physical therapy
    • Speech therapy

    Treatment and Service 
    Restoring your health is a team effort that centers on you.  Together with your doctor, our professional therapy team designs a personal treatment program that will help you regain as much function and independence as possible.  Our hands-on, individual approach includes:

    • Providing consistency so that you get to know and feel comfortable with your therapy team
    • Working closely with you, your doctor(s) and family or other caregivers and staying in touch to answer questions and provide progress reports
    • Supporting your recovery efforts by providing educational material and creating long-term home exercise and therapy programs

    Working Together as a Team  
    At Sutter, we understand how important your recovery is to you and those who care about you.  This means that the moment we start working with you, you will have a team of occupational, physical and speech therapists combining their expertise to coordinate the best possible care.

    Our interdisciplinary team includes professionals specially trained to help patients recover from illnesses and injuries such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, general weakness and other neurological disorders.

    Physical Therapy
    Our physical therapists are trained to understand how various body parts interact and to provide training, education and exercises that increase your ability to move as comfortably and independently as possible.  Beginning with a thorough evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses, your physical therapist will work with you to restore movement, balance and coordination.  Depending on your individual needs, physical therapy may address walking, getting in and out of a bed or a chair, and other necessary functions.  In addition to working with you directly, our physical therapists typically provide home exercise and strengthening programs.

    Occupational Therapy
    Our occupational therapists help you regain independence by providing training for daily activities such as dressing, bathing, writing or cooking.  Occupational therapy focuses on:

    • Increasing safety and independence with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s)
    • Providing recommendations and training for adaptive equipment
    • Strengthening and improving function of your arms, forearms and hands
    • Improving fine motor control
    • Increasing activity tolerance for ADL’s
    • Providing training for family and caregivers

    Speech Therapy
    Our speech pathologist helps restore cognitive, language, speech and swallowing abilities that may have been impaired by a stroke, traumatic brain injury or other neurological disorder.

    Whether you need to regain everyday verbal skills to get your needs met or to improve cognitive skills so that you can return to work or school, our experienced speech pathologist can help you achieve your goals for more effective communication.

    Patient Satisfaction
    Our purpose is to provide the training, education, guidance and support that allow you to achieve your goals for restoring function and regaining independence.  At Sutter, we measure our success by your satisfaction.

    Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital is an affiliate of Sutter Health, a network of hospitals and services located in Northern California.  We accept many insurance plans and will work with you to understand your insurance coverage benefits.

    For more information, call (530) 889-6088. You may also print out this referral form and have your physician complete it. Bring it with you for your first appointment.