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    Outpatient Obstetrical Services
    Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital (888) 729-1385

    Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital provides a variety of outpatient obstetrical services to our community. Although our Family Birth Center is closed and patients now deliver at Sutter Roseville Medical Center, we have OB/GYN physicians here to provide all of your prenatal care and any follow-up care after the birth of your baby.

    Services include:

    • Prenatal exams with screening, monitoring and testing for early identification and management of medical problems or complications such as gestational diabetes
    • Ongoing assessment and medical advice of potential risk factors such as tobacco and alcohol use
    • Nutrition assessment and counseling
    • Health education, information and counseling about pregnancy, labor and delivery, and infant care
    • Assessment and care for psychosocial needs such as stress reduction and overall health
    • Postpartum care for moms

    Our Goal
    You and your baby our important to us and we want to provide you with these outpatient services to ensure a happy and healthy outcome. We recognize that prenatal care is a window of opportunity for identifying and addressing numerous medical and behavioral health issues and our team provides the type of services ideal for early identification of potential risk factors and prevention.

    Pediatric Services
    In addition to providing prenatal care, we also provide pediatric services to our community and hope you’ll choose a pediatrician within the Auburn area as well.

    Our Team
    Our team includes highly trained and specialized OB/GYNs and Pediatricians:

    Melissa A. Johnson, M.D.

    Pediatricians include:

    Attia Abbasi, M.D., FAAP
    Joyce G. Bradshaw, M.D.
    Melissa A. Johnson, M.D.
    Pegah Khairolomour, M.D.
    Shawn M. Kreiner, M.D.
    Richard B. Loomis, M.D.
    Claire M. Unis, M.D.